It’s 4.30pm on a Sunday afternoon as I begin to type this and I’ve just put my pyjamas on… yes, already! And there’s a film on pause as I snuggle under my blanket on the sofa ready to chill.

What can I say it’s been a long but amazing day for Alco-Pop… It was the first ever wedding fair we have attended, since opening the business in October 2017.

I am so thankful to my dad and grandma for coming along to help me as it was so busy. Well, I say help, but my dad bless him doesn’t really have a choice as his daughter decided, also at the end of last year, she would start a business with loads of stock to transport to and from events, as well as purchasing a 2-seater convertible car. Yep! That’s right; I think it’s safe to say I didn’t really think this one through.


So this is a bit like how my day went:

6.30am – Wake Up (after only 5 hours sleep, I was up so late last night trying to prepare the last bits for today)

8am – Dad arrives to pack the car, then we go to collect my grandma

8.30am – Around the corner from the race course we pop into McDonalds for their scrumptious breakfast (everyone needs a cheat day right?! Maybe not every day though, hehe whoops)

9am – Arrive at the venue to start setting up


10.30am – I am still playing around with 3 tablets and 1 laptop trying to set them up… will I ever be ready for 11am at this rate?! Technology these days – thank goodness for Solution Sense for providing me with an awesome platform that is super quick and easy to use once the Wi-Fi is complete.

11am – Ready to rock ‘n’ roll as the first few people start coming in

2pm – WOW!! Time has flown and I am quite clearly having so much fun. I think I had the right people with me too, I am nice and chatty and let’s face it who doesn’t love talking about something they love (and who doesn’t love the sound of alcoholic sweets) which also taste beautiful, if I do say so myself. My grandma could talk for Britain and is super supportive and there’s my dad with all the natural and friendly (not cheesy) sales talk – we made a great team!


3pm – ALREADY! It’s time to pack away but I must admit my feet and back are starting to kill me at this point, maybe wearing heels wasn’t the best idea for today.

3.30pm – In the car on the way home and I think all 3 of us could have fallen asleep

So, here is me at 4.30pm in my pyjamas, under a blanket and ready to watch ‘Sisters’ again.

It has been a great day though and I personally love this job, I’ve loved every minute of it today and I can’t wait to book my next event. I now need to take time out of this week to contact the entire 150 amazing people I spoke to today – who would have ever thought so many people would be getting married?


This event was set up by Mike and Fiona from Wedding Fairs North East and I will 100% be booking with them again, they have been the most fantastic hosts; super friendly and wanting to help others. They certainly helped me so much with advice and recommendations before the event and I honestly don’t think I’d have been prepared for it without them (I really hope you like the lollies I sent your way if you’re reading this).

And I’d just like to mention, if you are a bride or groom to be, firstly congratulations and secondly, I really hope you like my website and products. And if you missed out today but would like a chance to win this hamper box, then simply create an account on our site by 30th April 2018... (Worth £55) GOOD LUCK!!

I will see you all soon after my feet have a rest haha.

I hope you have had a fab weekend,

Samantha x


P.S. Please feel free to share this on your own social media’s and I’d love to hear about your wedding plans below...