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 So it’s that time of year again, where love is in the air!  February 14th! What are your plans?

We have come up with some ideas for you if you’re finding it tricky to think: 


1. The obvious and most popular option – Eat out at a lovely Restaurant

Treat your partner well and take them to their favourite place to eat, or try somewhere new, somewhere they have always wanted to try. Or why not be a complete romantic and cook them a candlelit dinner at home…



2. Not hungry? Take them out for some of their all-time favourite cocktails!



3. Ok so eating out and going for drinks you can do any night, we get it. So here we have another plan, why not incorporate a night away. You can stay at a beautiful hotel in your local town/ city, or visit another and explore a new place together…



4. Too boring still? Well, what about a massage then? You can stay at a gorgeous spa hotel and book a well-deserved treatment. Or if you think this is getting too pricey, buy some massage oils and stay at home for a cosy night in massaging each other…



5. Then you can have a nice night together with champagne, a great movie, cuddles and perhaps even a bubble bath with candles and rose petals. Keeping it romantic and in your comfortable place (make sure you tidy the place first though to make it even more special)…



6. Now we realise this year Valentine’s Day also falls on a Wednesday, so if you want to keep it quite a low key day, you could always simply take a walk… along the beach, through the countryside or even through the town. Perhaps stop off for food, or take a picnic with you.



7. We also understand the ideas we have provided so far are quite straightforward, so here are some more imaginative… as it's technically still winter, how about ice skating together?



8. Are these ideas too cold for your liking? Hire a hot tub for your garden and chill, looking at the stars together…



9. Need more fun and excitement? Have you ever considered trying out a dance class – if it’s with your partner there is Salsa, or Latin dancing classes available?



10. Get out your old board games and play some together over a glass of wine, while getting to know each other better (as well as their competitive edge).



11. Write a love letter for her to find…



12. ...Perhaps through a treasure hunt? Where you could have the best present of 2019 waiting!!



The Valentines Special Hamper Box! – we bring to you four brand new and limited time only flavoured lollipops, all made with real alcohol and heart-shaped with the words ‘I Love You’ and ‘My Sweet Heart’ on them. They will definitely thank you for this gift… but be warned - they may not share!




Order before 12pm on 9th January with standard delivery.

Order before 12pm on 12th January with next day delivery.



If you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them below...


We send our love this Valentine's Day,

The Alco-Pop Team x

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