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We’ve taken alcohol to another level by combining it with the next best thing – candy! A delicious modern twist that has taken the nation by storm!


All of our products are made in the UK using the famous old-fashioned methods. These alcohol sweets have made incredible gifts, astonishing party sweets and amazing cheeky treats... but now they are also available on a monthly basis!


Each month you will be sent out a lucky dip box containing at least £40 worth of product for only £20! This also includes FREE Delivery each month. 


It's not only perfect for those with a sweet tooth and would like to try all the flavours; its great for those who have loads of friends and family to share these products with or keep hold of them for gifts later on - let's face it we all like a bargain and a treat!


Each month will contain different products - it also means you can try any newly launched products before they hit our website for the rest of the public.


You won't be tied down either as you can cancel this subscription at any time (after 3 months minimum) by using our contact us page.


Just to give an idea of what you will receive, the hampers in the images are worth:

Hamper 1 - £54.40

Hamper 2 - £22.30

Hamper 3 - £21.25

Hamper 4 - £23.30